Tales to Admonish! #1


Wait . . . THAT’S your strategy for dealing with your meddling arch-nemesis?   “Dig a deep hole”?

Either this Black Lion is a complete moron, or someone couldn’t even pass Remedial Deathtraps at the Criminal Mastermind Academy.

And apparently ‘da boss’ couldn’t be bothered to wear his safety goggles during Super Villain Industrial Arts, either.  Take it from Patchy McGangsterton, kids: You do NOT want to get Adamantium shavings in your eye.


Not entirely sure that a superhumanly strong dude in a leopard print unitard snapping off a utility pole (conveniently located on an inner-city tenement rooftop, as they often are) and ramming it STRAIGHT THROUGH THE SKULL of the pilot of an unarmed whirlybird constitutes a ‘battle’.

That’s like saying you had a ‘epic struggle’ against that newborn when you poked it in the eye and stole its pacifier.

Join us in our next thrilling issue when Strong Man is locked in mortal combat with a city bus . . . until he hurls a manhole cover into the windshield and decapitates the driver.

— mal


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