Tales to Admonish! #2

It wasn’t that Cobra Commander’s twin brother didn’t enjoy sociopathic power trips or micro-managing minions.  Even that time at the Christmas party when he got drunk and hooked up with the Baroness in the armory supply closet — only to find later on it was Zartan in disguise — didn’t faze him.

It was the ten kilometer hikes through the woods at 5 A.M. in full battle gear that made him decide to ditch the military lifestyle for the civilian sector.

He’s much more a 9-to-5, Monday-to-Friday, nice-little-Terrordrome-in-the-‘burbs kind of guy, anyway.

You know you’re badass when you can Dumpster-dive for a costume, call yourself ‘Rag-Man’, and STILL intimidate the bad guys.

If I tried that, they’d just call me Captain Hobo and toss spare change at me.


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