Tales to Admonish! #5

When I’m out in the middle of a desert wasteland and you come swooping unexpectedly down out of the clear blue sky on a pair of man-sized upside-down raven’s wings apparently GROWING OUT OF YOUR BUTT, all oiled up and wearing nothing but a headband and a leather g-string. . .

Let’s just say ‘Keep Calm and Pay No Attention to my Chippendale Ass-Pinions’ is not really going to instill much in the way of tranquility on my part, sorry.

Oh, man . . .  a comic book that teams Colossus Big Metal Guy on Fire with Captain Enema and his Reinforced Penetrator Helmet fighting Nazis AND I get a chance to win a sweet electric jigsaw or a stylin’ polo shirt?


I’d pay fifteen cents for this awesomeness.  Maybe even a whole quarter.



  1. Dibs on the polo shirt, never had one.

    • I’d have gotten you one for Christmas, but you were too busy rocking the NKOTB tees in high school.

      (Pete here is my BFF of over twenty-five years, and my writing / business partner. His alabaster skin is as smooth as you might imagine from his picture. And ladies, he’s single!)

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