Since we’re doing introductions, class . . . meet Janus de Nile

I thought since I introduced artist and my long-time creative partner James E. ‘Doodle’ Lyle in the last post, I’d give a brief teaser of our work on DoorMan.  We’re going to be re-presenting DoorMan as a webcomic in 2013, as well as a self-published print graphic novel version at some point thereafter.

doorman comics independent comic bookmichael allan leonard james e. lyle

Cover to DoorMan: Family Secrets #1. Art copyright 1995 James E. Lyle. DoorMan created by Michael Allan Leonard and James E. Lyle

DoorMan is sort of Sandman meets Doctor Who, time travel with psychological drama, philosophical dilemmas, and just a hint of horror and a tiny pinch of steampunk for flavor.  Back in the day, we often got compared favorably to DC’s Vertigo material, so if you like that, you might enjoy DoorMan.

Have you ever known the weight of a secret on your soul?

Has the truth ever been so horrible you locked it away, denying it?

Have you ever wished you could go back and do something over again, knowing then what you know now?

Did you ever consider that you might make things worse by doing so?

Does anyone have the right to tamper with history, or destiny?

These are the types of questions asked in DoorMan. DoorMan, a.k.a. Janus de Nile, is a time-traveling ‘therapist’ who takes victims back through time and space by turning any ordinary doorway into a portal into the past so that they may relieve the often horrid events that have led them to repress the truth and keep it a secret.

Those bottled emotions alone are dangerous enough on the human psyche, but when they manifest themselves as real, physical entities called Arcanum, a secret can leave far more than psychic scars.

We’ll have more concrete information both here and on Doodle’s blog as our plans come together, but we’re aiming for a Spring 2013 launch of the webcomic.  James and I are very pleased and proud to get DoorMan back into the world and hopefully this time we can take the character beyond ‘cult’ status and reach a much bigger audience.  We hope everyone will check it out — the webcomic will be the internet’s favorite price point: free.

— mal

doorman janus de nile michael allan leonard james doodle lyle comic book

DoorMan art by James E. Lyle Copyright 1993


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