Welcome Back! (And don’t mind the digital dust.)


Photo by Suzan Black

” Should old acquaintance be forgot . . . “

Happy 2013!

This is the way the year begins: not with a whimper, but cosplay karaoke straight from Akihabara, featuring a Stormtrooper keepin’ the beat.  J-Pop and the Empire’s Finest, where else you gonna get that?

Just in case you were wondering if you were in the right place, since the blog has gotten a bit of facelift since the last post: its still Public Domain, and yes, we’re still as nerdly weird as ever.

Only a bit snazzier now.

Welcome back to all the returning readers, and hello to anyone Google and Bing tripped and sent sprawling into our lap. (Sorry that when you put in ‘dirtynwet’ you ended up here.  And I’m not even sure what a ‘butt hutt’ is, but I guarantee you, we don’t have one.)

Hmmm . . . then again, maybe we should.

butt hutt jabba star wars public domain blog comedy humor satire parody

I thought we’d start out 2013 with a new look — it’s been on my wish list to ‘upgrade’ a little from the functional but kinda vanilla Twenty Eleven WP theme I started out with.

I spent a good deal of time agonizing over a couple different Themes during the after-Christmas break, and this one, Neo-Sapien, won out (although I may do a limited test run of the runners-up for a day or two, just to make sure Neo’s what I want to roll with).

neo matrix public domain blog comedy satire nerd

Let me know what you guys and gals think.  Full-screen on a monitor, it’s sharp, but I’m very concerned as to how it looks on mobile screens.  It’s not too shabby on my Kindle Fire’s web browser but it does require a bit of swiping and pinching to really be effective, and I’m not sure I’m comfortable with something that doesn’t load right up and is ready to go.  Form doesn’t always trump function.

Overall, I like it — especially the easy-to-swap ‘sub-header’ that I can have a lot of fun with — although I think the color scheme could be tweaked slightly (not a standard option with this theme outside of popping the hood and messing with the CSS), the text could be just a bit larger in places, particularly links, and the columns could use just a tad bit of space between them as not to make everything seem quite as crowded, so those are issues I’ll probably work on trying to correct once I’m sure this is what I’m sticking with.

(Keeping in mind I’m the guy who will spend the first ninety or so minutes of a videogame that features customizable characters getting my avatar just so before I can leave the menus and actually go play the game.)


I’m designing a permanent logo for PD and I’m going to put a bit of an emphasis on trying to establish a more definite visual identity for the blog in the coming months, to try to up my game a bit.  Content-wise, I’ve got a couple new types of features planned to bring a little diversity into the mix beyond the comics reviews and general nerd-tinged buffoonery that I generally get up to in this corner of cyberspace.

One in particular that I’m already very proud of is a collaboration between my frequent artist collaborator, James E. ‘Doodle’ Lyle, who runs his own blog over at The Light of Day,  where we celebrate some of our favorite comics characters and engage in a challenge to re-envision them in our own creative sensibilities.  I’ve seen some of Doodle’s early sketches and it’s going to be fantastic.

Anyway, that’s enough self-indulgence for one post.

Onward, and upward, in true Public Domain fashion — in a proud, yet wildly careening, Greatest American Hero watch-out-for-that-building leap for the stars.

greatest american hero public domain blog comedy satire humor parody

— mal



  1. Hehe happy new year!

  2. Happy New Year! I look forward to all the wonderful things you have planned. I eagerly await.

    I’ve not been on the blog on a mobile device, but it’s looking pretty neat from a laptop point of view. I would tweak with colour scheme, but like you said it’s not a standard option, so no biggie if you can’t.

    • Thanks for the compliments! It’s coming along, slowly but surely. I’m trying to work ahead without falling behind on regular posts, and vary the material up a little so it doesn’t repeat too much.

      I wholly agree, the theme *needs* a little tweak here and there. At this point I think I could live with the color, but everything needs a little bit of breathing room as to not seem so cramped. Hopefully at some point in the next couple months . . .

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