Tales to Admonish! #13


Thanks for stopping by Public Domain!  I feel kind of bad that I didn’t have a chance to do something special here on the blog for April Fools’ Day.

(Then again, in these parts, the trick isn’t being weird and funny one day out of the year — it’s being taken seriously the other three-hundred-sixty-three.)

But, I was busy working on my brand new assignment as writer on the forthcoming Mad Men comic book from Marvel Comics, which is awesome!  Check out this exclusive preview:


As you can see, we’re even going period authentic with the production values to make it look like it was printed on cheap newsprint circa 1965.  Stan Lee and Jack Kirby guest-star in the first issue when they and Don Draper go out for drinks to discuss the marketing campaign for Fantastic Four #1, and they run into none other than Wolverine, who turns out to be Draper’s brother.

Which explains how Draper can smoke ten packs of unfiltered Lucky Strikes and down a fifth of scotch before lunch each workday: mutant healing factor.  (That was my idea, BTW.)

Mad Men #1 will ship in August with three different variant scratch-and-sniff covers: Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, and Christina Hendricks.  Make sure you run down to your local comic shop and reserve your copy TODAY.


April 1st?  Pfft.  That’s for amateurs.

— mal




  1. I’d read it in a heartbeat!

    • Thanks! I’ll make sure to set aside one of the ultra-limited variants of the Christina as Dark Phoenix cover, which smells like either a Galactus-sized ashtray, or five billion aliens being incinerated to feed her cosmic hunger, for you. 😉

      If I had the free time, I would totally do a Mad Men / Fantastic Four fanfic done in Stan Lee’s style, where Fantastic Four, Inc. hires Sterling Cooper to do some PR work for them, set in the 60s inbetween early issues of the FF. That alone would amuse me for days . . .

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