Heroes and Courage


I find it difficult to just ignore the tragedy in Boston on Monday and carry on as usual without some sort of acknowledgement.

It’s equally challenging to find words eloquent enough to properly express condolences to the victims who were injured, and the unfortunate family and loved ones who lost so much in so brief a time due to such a cowardly act.

As the aftermath unfurls and we find ourselves inundated over and over again with images of that terrible moment, try not to focus on the fire, the smoke and the blood.

That’s what the psychotic narcissists who did this want.  Don’t give them the satisfaction.

How do we acknowledge this, then, without letting ‘them’ win?

Instead, look at those moments when ordinary men and women — without a second thought for their own safety and well-being, with no idea if this was just a prelude to lure even more innocents into an even greater line of fire — lept into immediate action to assist the injured.

Whether they were civilians, those in the medical profession, law-enforcement, or military, in the literal blink of an eye it took for chaos to claim lives and spread fear, before the next blink could be made, they were headlong into the fray selflessly doing what they could to help.

That’s the message we need to take forward from this.

There are heroes in the world, not just colorful ones in primary colors on the page and the screen, but out there among us.   They don’t always wear insignia and emblems on their chests to identify themselves, but when we fall prey to the designs of madmen, they’ll be there.


Are these do-gooders invulnerable?  Far from it.



— mal


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