Tales to Admonish! #14

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I’ve long been a fan of Magic 8-Balls and their ability to make short work of the need to agonize over important, life-altering decisions.  And while you can get them both at your neighborhood Toys-R-Us, the miraculous plastic oracle orb is much less likely to incite demonic possession than a Ouija board.

Fun bit of trivia:  the liquid inside a Magic 8-Ball is alcohol with blue dye dissolved in it.

The inventor of the Magic 8-Ball, Albert C. Clarke, was reportedly an alcoholic.  I’m thinking the prototypes were probably filled with Jim Beam, so when the Ball gave you bad news, you could always crack it open, and after a few slugs, it wouldn’t seem so terrible.

Also, RPG players, note that the die in older Magic 8-Balls is an icosahedron: twenty-sided.


Which means you can totally take that puppy with you to play Dungeons & Dragons.

When the DM asks you to make a saving throw against the Beholder’s ability to turn your wizard to stone and ‘Reply Hazy, Try Again Later’ comes up, you can just keep winging Magic Missiles like a medieval mystic Hawkeye and pretend that nothing happened.


Black mages do it from the back row.

— mal


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