Game of Horror Graphic Novel Preview / Kickstarter


What would you get if you took The Hunger Games and added classic cinematic versions of zombies, vampires, and assorted monsters, starring an undead, Frankenstein teen girl?

Game of Horror, an ambitious new comic / graphic novel by writer / creator Shane Berryhill and artist James E. Lyle, which is currently featured in its own Kickstarter through August 16th, 2013.

Shane Berryhill is the author of the superhero-in-training series from Tor, The Adventures of Chance Fortune, and Dragon Island and The Long Silent Night from Crossroad Press. His work has been praised by such varied outlets as Publishers Weekly, Horror World, PopMatters, and Wired Magazine’s Geek Dad.

James E. Lyle has served as a comics pro for years. He’s done illustration and design for such properties as Turok, The Toxic Avenger, 1000 Ways to Die, Fright Night, Tales from Neverland, Negative Burn, Grimm Fairy Tales, and is also co-creator and illustrator of DoorManco-created and written by yours truly.

If you’ve been following Public Domain lately, you’ve been seeing plenty of James’ work, as he and I have several projects we’re working on — if you watch with a close eye the Kickstarter video for Game of Horror, shot at the 2013 Heroes Con in Charlotte in June, you’ll catch a glimpse of a print James did of Wolfman on the table in front of Shane and James (but make sure you do that the second time around — pay attention to what they’re telling you in the first viewing):

wolfman james lyle michael allan leonard vintage robo design co public domain blog comic

So I’ve got a personal connection to this — James and I have been working together for twenty years on multiple projects — and I’d consider it a huge favor if you’d consider helping back Shane and James in this venture.

Without further adieu, Shane and James have given the thumbs up on a sneak peek of Game of Horror, so here’s the first seven pages of the saga:


Intrigued?  You can read the entire first chapter of the graphic novel on the Facebook page Shane and James have set up for Game of Horror.

If you like, click the image below to go to the Game of Horror Kickstarter page and help a couple of talented guys make some quality comics.


— mal

Thanks for dropping by Public Domain!

Achievement unlocked: this is our 100th post!  I wanted to help Shane and James out with their Kickstarter in a timely manner, so we’ll properly celebrate here next time out with our 101st, but thanks again to all 250+ followers.  Your support here has really kindled my creative juices and keeps me pushing harder and harder on my own projects.

You guys and gals deserve a rousing round of applause — go ahead and give yourself one!

(Don’t worry about the funny looks the other people at Starbucks are giving you.   If they get weirded out and leave, that’s more bandwidth for you.  You’re welcome.)


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