Post #101: The Beginning of a Bold(er) New Era, and Celebratory Shark Jumping

Michael allan leonard public domain blog nerd geek writing humor comics

This is the 101st post on Public Domain!

On average, the posts I’d say tend to run at least 1.0 to 1.5K in word count, so by this point, I’ve written the equivalent of a novel.

Which, for someone who struggled to get back into the groove of writing after a fallow period of over half a decade, is no small feat.

I’m always a bit leery about doing milestone-type posts, worried about whether or not it comes off as an awkward and narcissistic patting myself on the back.

Michael allan leonard public domain blog nerd geek writing humor comics

On the other hand, I am kind of proud of the little cyberspace treehouse hangout I’ve cobbled together here, too.  (Sorry about the broken rungs on the ladder, and those fire ants I can’t quite get rid of.  Nasty little buggers.)

Maybe that pride is rightfully earned, maybe not, but it is a lot of fun.

When we hit 5K in views, I turned that acknowledgement into a little skit on the spam comments that pile up backstage, underneath the watchful boot of Akismet.

That seemed to go over well, so when I was pondering how to pull this one off, I thought that maybe I’d take a cue from classic sitcoms of days done by and have a Very Special Episode which consists of an extremely flimsy narrative existing only as a framing device to utilize extensive flashback clips.

Because nothing, apparently, says “thank you for supporting us and letting us get this far” than a highlight reel.

And nothing is more classic sitcom, in my book, than Happy Days.


So, without further adieu, let’s take a look back over the first hundred posts.

And if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go put on my leather jacket and waterskis, as there may just be sharks to be jumped.  (Wait, how long are you supposed to wait after eating to go into the water?)


Seriously, Spider-Man *and* the Fonz *and* learn how to make your own newspaper? When I was seven or eight, this would’ve made my head explode.


public domain blog Michael allan leonard nerd geek satire humor


When it comes to snaring in eyeballs from the wild and wooly worldwide web, Google clearly favors the image-heavy posts, particularly the meme-laden ones.

Not a nasty, dirty, wet meme; nor a dry, bare, sandy meme.  It was a hobbit meme, and that means comfort.

peter jackson meme the hobbit geek nerd pardoy humor satire public domain blog

The ‘Iron Man 3′ Post-Credits Scene You (Sadly) Won’t See

public domain blog iron man 3 meme after credits scene parody marvel studios pepper potts gwyneth paltrow

Twinkies Return!  Superheroes Rejoice!  Hostess Comic Book Ads #2

public domain blog hostess twinkie parody satire humor tales to admonish iron man tony stark

Never meme at live dragons, Bilbo you fool!

peter jackson meme the hobbit geek nerd pardoy humor satire public domain blog

One meme to rule them all . . .

peter jackson meme the hobbit geek nerd pardoy humor satire public domain blog


public domain blog Michael allan leonard nerd geek satire humor


Give thanks. Fight the tryptophan. Fear the doorbusters.


By the Twilight’s Last Sparkling


New Year’s Revolutions, or, Embrace Your Inner Dictator Part 3

public domain blog michael allan leonard the rewrite chronicles writing

Tales To Admonish! #15


Film Review: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

dark knight returns dc animation review public domain blog comics superheroes

Much larger variety in the types of material when it comes to reader choice … and a reminder I should get back to doing a few more reviews more often.


public domain blog Michael allan leonard nerd geek satire humor


The Secret Origin of Nerds and Fandom

vintage nerd geek humor satire origin of fandom michael allan leonard science fiction

Nerds: angry since 1932.

PSA: A Field Guide to the Difference Between your Living Room and a Movie Theatre

public domain blog psa movie theatre etiquette humor satire summer blockbusters film

Free Comic Book Day 2013: Nightstorm

free comic book day 2013 public domain blog michael allan leonard james e. lyle nightstorm

A Day at the Toonseum, Finding Myself in the Bargain Bins, and a Tank.  (In that order.)

michael allan leonard public domain blog nerd tank

I really need to look less like I’ve been put in front of a firing squad when a camera gets pointed at me. Photogenic fail.

Green Caesar’s Ghost, Kent!  No Kryptonite In The ‘Man of Steel’?

public domain blog superman man of steel no kryptonite christoper nolan zack snyder clark kent superhero DC comics comic book film movie lex luthor meme


10.  spanish viking

9.  hulk jack man

8.  brony mom

7. captain enema cartoon

6.  superman + skegness

5.  fighting boys speedos

4. bettie page riding crop

3.  scanned panties scrooged

2.  batgirl bearhugs

And the number one search term: laurie holden nude.

shamble on the walking dead review critic zombies public domain blog

Laurie Holden is the actress who played Andrea in The Walking Dead.  I have run photos of her on several occasions in Shamble On, our zombie section, while reviewing Season 3 of TWD.  Unless I missed something, however, she has always been fully clothed here.

Just out of curiosity, I am going to run this picture of an adorable kitten and tag it ‘laurie holden buck-ass nekkid nude’:

laurie holden nude buck ass nekkid public domain blog humor nerd geek Michael allan leonard

I will share the results of my experiment with you at a later date.   And my apologies to those of you whom Google tricked and ended up here with completely different intentions than a good gag in mind.

Oh, great.

Now ‘laurie holden bondage’ leads here.

Anyway …

To celebrate the milestone, I did a couple things.  First is a little remodeling (which is still a work in progress).  A new header for the site is on the way.

I finally got myself on Twitter, @MichaelAllanLeo, as you can see from the widget on the upper right of the screen.  This is something completely new to me, so if you want to see me take a slight faceplant now and again until I get the hang of it, you’re cordially invited to follow along.


However, I promise not to tweet excessively.  The minute I start writing ones about where I’m going to eat dinner or that I can’t decide between the Iron Man or Silver Surfer t-shirt before going out to dinner and tweet pictures of myself in both, I’ve made arrangements to have myself forcibly unplugged and sent to digital detox.

Last but not least, there’s now a Tumblr companion to this madness, called Son of Public Domain!  I was sort of inspired to give this a whirl after I discovered some enterprising young ladies had taken a liking to a certain image in our recent Superman and Wolverine parody:

man of steel superman the wolverine hugh jackman henry cavill marvel dc comics film movies public domain blog Michael Allan Leonard

And tacked it up on Pinterest.  Which, narcissism aside, I’m glad — I was kind of iffy about that particular gag and whether it would be taken as the joke it was intended to be, so to see it go over well made me smile.

I’m weirdly obsessive about what I post here, particularly that each post has enough substance and it isn’t just an exercise of posting for no other reason than a sense of obligation.

So, Son of Public Domain! will let me experiment a little without being too disruptive here — and I’ve been tripping across a lot of really cool things lately in my interweb travels that are certainly share-worthy, but I’m not sure would be post-worthy, at least not as anything but a random collection of images.  Some of what appears on Son will be culling through the shoebox of images here and sharing the best of them with a new audience, but there’s going to be some original pieces along the way as well.

Self-indulgence aside, taking a few moments to look over the body of work I’ve accumulated here, as well as what particularly seemed to have some appeal, has been interesting.  It’s hard sometimes to resist the call of sticking with what the stats tell you have worked, which only really leads you preaching to the same audience again and again, and keeping with the status quo eventually leads to becoming creatively stagnant.  It’s good to think outside-of-the-box now and again.

I’ve never really done much in the way of promotion for Public Domain, it’s pretty much been word of mouth or people randomly taking this offramp while on the Information Superhighway.

As I get my fingers in more and more pies (and while it may not be very humble to say so, I’m getting to the point where there’s a dessert for each individual digit: just this past week has led to two new things that I can’t quite talk about yet but which will be very cool as they start to bloom and take shape) and I’m starting to really need to learn how to leverage various platforms and tie them all together, so it’s an interesting challenge to see how many people I can draw into this three-ring online circus.

I’m very appreciative of the support and encouragement thus far, and promise that the next hundred posts will be worth everyone’s while.  If it wasn’t for your butts in the bleachers, neither of us would be here, so give yourself a standing ovation.

— mal

Thanks for stopping by Public Domain!

This episode was typed in front of a live, and largely bored and disappointed, studio audience, who thought they were showing up to see a very exclusive and free Justin Bieber concert.

Lesson to be learned: if it’s on Craigslist and it’s too good to be true, it probably is.




  1. That kitten looks identical to my cat so I’m having a reverse experience when I look at him now.

    • I sincerely apologize for any resemblance to your cat and for the possible need for a spam filter for your kitty door. 😉

  2. Gee, mal, It’s been so long since I commented I missed your 101st posting extravaganza. The summers always seem to be so busy. I’ve certainly had plenty of interesting search results lead to my site – from ‘deadpool naked hardcore sex video’ to ‘she-hulk typing on computer nude’ to probably the most terrifying ‘the pure mood in the nude’. I don’t think anybody needs to see that. Though it might make for a good post once I hit 101 posts. Thanks for the great blog and here’s to hundreds more!

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