Tales To Admonish! #17


Thanks for dropping by Public Domain!

Time was a little sparse this week, between cool creative stuff and mundane, unavoidable moments of meh (otherwise known as ‘adult responsibilities’, which are completely overrated), so I dug into the files and this unused Tales to Admonish! popped out and saved the day.

Hope everyone likes the slight remodel and the new background header.  I have waaay too much fun making the headers (and that’s about ten hours of caffeine-and-obsessive-compulsive-fueled cropping, cutting and pasting).  For a view of the whole, unobstructed piece, you can swing over to the tumblr companion to our little shop of humor horrors, Son of Public Domain! 

And I got the Facebook page up for PD this week, so you can swing your cursor over to the widget to your right, if you’re so inclined.

Before I go, big thanks to donhoannguyen for nominating PD for not one, but two awards:  the I Am Part of the WordPress Family Award and The Versatile Blogger Award.  (And for posting some very cool art on a regular, ongoing basis).  This makes four awards posts I need to write — which I’ve been dragging my heels on trying to think of some creative way to accept because I’m not sure I can think of forty different things to say about myself without getting real boring real fast — so I think September will henceforth be known as Awardapalooza here on PD.

If this keeps up, I’m gonna need to build a sidebar just to display the award icons —


Uh, maybe I am getting a bit too supervillain-braggy, huh . . .

— mal


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