Are Your Greetings Seasoned? Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holidays!

Hard to believe December is almost over.  This past month has been a blur, with too many not-fun non-creative things devouring my time and keeping me AFK, which hopefully explains the absence of posts (as well as getting much of anything else constructive done … which includes sleep.)

I didn’t want to let Christmas slide without doing something to mark the occasion, though, so one caffeine-fueled all-nighter later, I’ve got some holiday e-cards for everyone.

The most fun part of getting a card is opening it up to see what’s inscribed inside, so I rigged the e-cards to simulate that.  Just click on each of the card fronts to ‘open’ it and read the interior.

It ain’t no Holodeck but we’re on a shoestring budget here … just kidding.

Shoestrings are a luxury.



Click on card to ‘open’ …


Click on card to open …


Click on card to open …

Click on card to open …


Click on card to open …


Click on card to open …


Click on card to open …


Click on card to open …


Click on card to open …


Click on card to open …

I think that about wraps 2013 up here at Public Domain!  I want to thank everyone for their support — especially my fellow bloggers who have nominated PD! for awards I have yet to accept because I’ve been trying to come up with offbeat ways to do it … those are coming ASAP.  I say this every time the topic comes up, but I wouldn’t bother doing this if people didn’t read it (and at least seem to enjoy it).

So, I hope you and yours have a happy and safe holiday season, and barring any miscalculated Mayan apocalypses, I’ll see you again in the future: 2014.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go prep snacks for a marathon viewing session.  I have inside info that FINALLY this year, I’m going to get all three seasons of the classic Lynda Carter Wonder Woman TV show on DVD in my stocking instead of a couple handfuls of anthracite.  I think I’ve been good enough this year —


Well, that’s it.  I hereby declare my allegiance to Santa Doom.

— mal

Thanks for stopping by Public Domain! 


Special thanks to Tumblr user gameraboy for posting the Lynda Carter gif above: you should check out his blog for lots more cool stuff.  And while you’re there, slip by our Tumblr, Son of Public Domain!


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