Michael Allan Leonard wasn’t born into a life of nerdery in 1972, but found its Force choke-like grip inescapable at a young age, prompting him to covet a future career as either “a Jedi Knight, or a superhero, but probably a superhero ’cause the Joker and Green Goblin aren’t as scary as Darth Vader.”


Early childhood idols Fred ‘Mister’ Rogers and the Incredible Hulk sent young Michael conflicting messages about the importance of tying one’s own shoes securely and smashing puny humans.

While Michael never attempted to jumpstart his nascent path as a masked do-gooder like many of his peers did — by tying a towel around his neck and leaping from a high spot — there were several incidents of dipping horseflies in old-school radium-infused glow-in-the-dark paint he found in his grandparents’ attic and inciting them to bite, as well as an aborted effort to run away from home in 1979 to reach Three Mile Island and become a smaller, more mild-mannered but equally misunderstood gamma irradiated boy-monster.

Spider-Man, at the behest of Michael’s parents, authorities, and doctors and nurses at the local emergency room, paid the young geek a personal visit to convince him that his true superpowers may be a little more esoteric and less overt than optic blasts or healing factors, and take a while to develop.

me and spidey

The teenage comic book fan became an aspiring writer in the late 1980s, after a lengthy stint as a Dungeon Master, and failing a Saving Throw against Sane, Potentially Lucrative Career Decisions.

First published at age twenty and several more times throughout the 1990s by Cult Press, Caliber Comics, and several small publishers, Michael went on to become a videogame critic and gaming journalist in the Internet age for allXbox.com and allPS2.com.

public domain blog michael allan leonard comics cover gallery doorman

Coming off being completely lazy and unmotivated for the better part of a decade a several year hiatus from creative ventures, Michael started Public Domain! in late September, 2012.  Three months and many memes later, the long prophesized Mayan doomsday failed to come to pass.  Coincidence?

(You’re welcome.)

In 2013, Michael founded Chimeratron Press to publish his own works, beginning with a DoorMan Online, a webcomic version of he and co-creator / illustrator James E. ‘Doodle’ Lyle’s cult-favorite character from the 1990s.

chimeratron michael allan leonard james e. lyle

Chimeratron-3000 and the Chimeratron logo ©2013 Michael Allan Leonard. Logo designed and executed by James E. Lyle.

James and Michael also began plans to launch Vintage Robo Design Co., a studio devoted to producing new comics IP and a variety of prints and merchandising aimed at the discerning nerd.  Chimeratron’s first print and digital download publications, a quartet of pulp-styled illustrated novels and collected short fiction, are planned for 2014.

While it took the better part of three decades, Michael finally realized the ‘less esoteric superpower’ Spider-Man spoke of when he was a child — a highly evolved form of obsessive-compulsive, computer-assisted ADD that allows him to multitask as if he had multiple heads and appendages, and yet still not manage to get anything done until 3 A.M. the day before it absolutely *has* to be completed.

Michael currently resides in Western Pennsylvania, home of the original zombie apocalypse, with his girlfriend Jennifer and far too many books, comics, and action figures.



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Michael’s Facebook

Public Domain’s Facebook Page


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DoorMan Online webcomic

Vintage Robo Design Co. blog (coming soon)

Chimeratron Press (ditto)




Twitter: @MichaelAllanLeo



  1. Thanks for digging my Dark Knight sketch!

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  3. Dear Michael,
    I like your blog, and I’m going to subscribe. Have an excellent day!

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  5. Fellow Pittsburgher here n’at. I see you’re in Western PA. Well, cheers to you and yinz.

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