Why Make Comics? Part I


 If you ask any type of artist why they engage their particular art, you will, of course, get a multitude of seemingly unique answers.

Boil them down, though, and they always end up falling in one of two categories.

The first is the one the artist will give when the inquisitor is not themselves an artist.  This well-rehearsed statement will list everything that slots in the ‘pro’ column when dealing with their particular medium, and deftly avoids nearly all of the cons.

(And it’s well-rehearsed because the artist has made this little speech to themselves in the mirror more than a few times, usually when things aren’t going well with the art, and often in the wee hours of a sleepless night, as a way to justify their efforts to themselves when the results aren’t completely obvious.)

Not that this response is a total fabrication, but the REAL truth lies somewhere closer to the shorter answer an artist will give one of their peers, perhaps when asked by someone from a slightly different, yet still creative-oriented, field.  When it comes down to it, we may all have different and strong individual accents, but we all speak a common tongue.

We make the art that we make because we simply can’t NOT make it.

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Holy Productive Hiatus! Public Domain Returns!


Okay, let’s see … turn the crank a quarter-turn to the left, then a whole turn to the right.  Flip those two toggles, pump the handle EXACTLY six times — no more, no less — and check the gauges.

Wait, is that hose supposed to be leaking that weird Day-Glo goop?

Foot on the pedal, count to three, turn the key, hit the start button and …

We’re back!  Welcome to Public Domain! Year Two.

Man, I missed this place.

*Sniff sniff* Although I probably should’ve emptied the wastebaskets before I locked up last month.  Downside of setting up your secret lair deep in an impenetrable underground bunker: no windows to crack open.

I wish I could say I took the month off blogging to relax, slipped off the cape and cowl and into a nice bathrobe, maybe have a drink and snuggle up to my Batgirl, like Adam West here, but that would be a blatant lie.


October was one of my busiest months yet, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

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One Year Later … Public Domain’s 1st Anniversary

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Hard to believe it’s been a whole year since the very first post here on September 30th, 2012.

A name change (this blog was, initially, called ‘Thought Balloons’ for the first couple weeks), one fairly extreme theme change makeover, and one hundred and eleven posts later, and most of the time, I still don’t really know what I’m doing … but I’m much more confident about my ignorance and ineptitude.

These past twelve months have been a pretty big year in terms of getting motivated and off the same-old, same-old hamster wheel.  It started a few months prior to launching Public Domain!, but really got rolling along when this odd little space popped into existence.

Since the September afternoon where I struggled with trying to figure out what to write in the inaugural post I have:

  • Launched a webcomic, DoorMan Online, on multiple hosting sites.
  • Formed a publishing company called Chimeratron and started the research to self-publish my own material.
  • Began work on starting a print and merch making studio, Vintage Robo Design Co.
  • Started developing about a dozen intellectual properties with various partners.
  • Took on an as-yet-secret project that hopefully will get underway soon.
  • Delved headfirst into social media and started both a Facebook page for PD as well as an accompanying Tumblr.
  • Met a lot of very cool, very creative people that I might not have crossed paths with otherwise.

The support and encouragement I’ve gotten from Public Domain! has lit a creative fire in my belly that I’d been missing for years.

I went from pining and daydreaming about getting my writing career back on track to cannonballing right into the pool with zero regard for the prospect of failure (or looking like an idiot).

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