Are Your Greetings Seasoned? Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holidays!

Hard to believe December is almost over.  This past month has been a blur, with too many not-fun non-creative things devouring my time and keeping me AFK, which hopefully explains the absence of posts (as well as getting much of anything else constructive done … which includes sleep.)

I didn’t want to let Christmas slide without doing something to mark the occasion, though, so one caffeine-fueled all-nighter later, I’ve got some holiday e-cards for everyone.

The most fun part of getting a card is opening it up to see what’s inscribed inside, so I rigged the e-cards to simulate that.  Just click on each of the card fronts to ‘open’ it and read the interior.

It ain’t no Holodeck but we’re on a shoestring budget here … just kidding.

Shoestrings are a luxury.



Click on card to ‘open’ …


Click on card to open …

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Give thanks. Fight the tryptophan. Fear the doorbusters.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Long-time readers may have seen this post last year, but we’ve picked up a lot of new faces since then, so I’m going to dig it out of the archive and dust it off.

walking dead black friday meme humor public domain blog zombies

walking dead black friday meme humor public domain blog zombies

Pop quiz: what’s the difference between these two scenarios?

Well, both involve a struggle for personal survival against hordes of inhumane, groaning glassy-eyed automatons trying to push, bite and claw their way to the object of their desire.

But sadly, it’s acceptable to bring shotguns to only one of them.

Black Friday almost perfectly encapsulates the schizophrenic nature of modern American society.  We spend all day Thursday giving thanks for what we have with family and friends, with most celebrants traditionally consuming a foodstuff that contains high concentrations of an amino acid which induces drowsiness.

Everybody should be pretty chill going into the weekend, right?


Less than twenty-four hours later, we’re out en masse engaging in mortal combat for cheap, non-essential creature comfort goods.  Gave thanks, now let’s get to gettin’ more.  It’s probably a good thing turkey is the usual main course for Thanksgiving dinner, and the tryptophan is perhaps taking the edge off of people’s aggressions, or the consumer carnage would only be intensified.

Hmmm.  It’s almost like some benevolent soul had the wherewithal to somehow warn our ancestors, in order to try to mitigate at least some of the mayhem . . .

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Public Domain’s Son-Day Funnies 9/15/13

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This was the most unproductive week I’ve had in months, all thanks to a simple inoculation.

My girlfriend got a flu vaccination, which, less than twenty four hours later, made us Patient Zero and One.  This culminated in a mid-week trip to the ER for her, and while I managed not to miss any day-job work, I spent most of my non-retail time trying to sleep the bug off or being too miserable to do much more than fantasize about sending one of the ornate puzzle boxes from Hellraiser to the pharmacist who suggested the shot to her in the first place as thank you for ruining my week.

Michael Allan Leonard public domain blog nerd geek humor satire comic books hellraiser cenobite pinhead

Moral of the story: the next time someone offers you a nice needle full of contagion, take a real close look at their identification.

Michael Allan Leonard public domain blog nerd geek humor satire comic books

While I try to make up for lost time on other projects, I haven’t had a chance to put together anything new for this space, so we’re going to fall back on the ol’ Tumblr feed, Son of Public Domain!

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