Are Your Greetings Seasoned? Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holidays!

Hard to believe December is almost over.  This past month has been a blur, with too many not-fun non-creative things devouring my time and keeping me AFK, which hopefully explains the absence of posts (as well as getting much of anything else constructive done … which includes sleep.)

I didn’t want to let Christmas slide without doing something to mark the occasion, though, so one caffeine-fueled all-nighter later, I’ve got some holiday e-cards for everyone.

The most fun part of getting a card is opening it up to see what’s inscribed inside, so I rigged the e-cards to simulate that.  Just click on each of the card fronts to ‘open’ it and read the interior.

It ain’t no Holodeck but we’re on a shoestring budget here … just kidding.

Shoestrings are a luxury.



Click on card to ‘open’ …


Click on card to open …

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Holy Productive Hiatus! Public Domain Returns!


Okay, let’s see … turn the crank a quarter-turn to the left, then a whole turn to the right.  Flip those two toggles, pump the handle EXACTLY six times — no more, no less — and check the gauges.

Wait, is that hose supposed to be leaking that weird Day-Glo goop?

Foot on the pedal, count to three, turn the key, hit the start button and …

We’re back!  Welcome to Public Domain! Year Two.

Man, I missed this place.

*Sniff sniff* Although I probably should’ve emptied the wastebaskets before I locked up last month.  Downside of setting up your secret lair deep in an impenetrable underground bunker: no windows to crack open.

I wish I could say I took the month off blogging to relax, slipped off the cape and cowl and into a nice bathrobe, maybe have a drink and snuggle up to my Batgirl, like Adam West here, but that would be a blatant lie.


October was one of my busiest months yet, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

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Public Domain’s Son-Day Funnies 9/15/13

Michael Allan Leonard public domain blog nerd geek humor satire comic books

This was the most unproductive week I’ve had in months, all thanks to a simple inoculation.

My girlfriend got a flu vaccination, which, less than twenty four hours later, made us Patient Zero and One.  This culminated in a mid-week trip to the ER for her, and while I managed not to miss any day-job work, I spent most of my non-retail time trying to sleep the bug off or being too miserable to do much more than fantasize about sending one of the ornate puzzle boxes from Hellraiser to the pharmacist who suggested the shot to her in the first place as thank you for ruining my week.

Michael Allan Leonard public domain blog nerd geek humor satire comic books hellraiser cenobite pinhead

Moral of the story: the next time someone offers you a nice needle full of contagion, take a real close look at their identification.

Michael Allan Leonard public domain blog nerd geek humor satire comic books

While I try to make up for lost time on other projects, I haven’t had a chance to put together anything new for this space, so we’re going to fall back on the ol’ Tumblr feed, Son of Public Domain!

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