Public Domain’s Son-Day Funnies 9/15/13

Michael Allan Leonard public domain blog nerd geek humor satire comic books

This was the most unproductive week I’ve had in months, all thanks to a simple inoculation.

My girlfriend got a flu vaccination, which, less than twenty four hours later, made us Patient Zero and One.  This culminated in a mid-week trip to the ER for her, and while I managed not to miss any day-job work, I spent most of my non-retail time trying to sleep the bug off or being too miserable to do much more than fantasize about sending one of the ornate puzzle boxes from Hellraiser to the pharmacist who suggested the shot to her in the first place as thank you for ruining my week.

Michael Allan Leonard public domain blog nerd geek humor satire comic books hellraiser cenobite pinhead

Moral of the story: the next time someone offers you a nice needle full of contagion, take a real close look at their identification.

Michael Allan Leonard public domain blog nerd geek humor satire comic books

While I try to make up for lost time on other projects, I haven’t had a chance to put together anything new for this space, so we’re going to fall back on the ol’ Tumblr feed, Son of Public Domain!

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Public Domain’s Son-Day Funnies 9/1/13


I recently started a Tumblr ‘spin-off’ to Public Domain! — titled Son of Public Domain!in a sad and narcissistic attempt to get more people to see the stupid things I come up with to experiment a little with shorter, more visually-oriented material.

There’s been visual gags here from early on, because when I started PD! a year ago I wasn’t exactly sure what it was going to be, so I figured I’d try my hand at memes, which seemed to go over well (the top five posts in views all fall under this category) and evolved into more elaborate editorial ‘comics’.

For my purposes (and, frankly, personal amusement), the amount of stuff that gets slung back and forth on Tumblr is a massive Yggdrasil-like tree of juicy, low-hanging fruit.

It’s like having my own personal assistant, with Google hardwired directly to their insomniac brains, to snag the cream of the crop of the bizarre and weird when they come zipping 24/7 along through the Intertubes.

So, on Sundays, I’ll toss up a few of the better posts from Son of Public Domain! here.  He makes us proud, that boy does.

Clicking on the images will take you to the original post on SOPD!


Stop me if you’ve heard this one: Norrin Radd, Tony Stark, and a Kree warrior all walk into a molecular transporter …

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